Italian language courses corsi di lingua italiana Italienisch Sprachschulen in Italien cours de langue italienne Cursos de italiano itariago italienska språkskolor språkkurser italiaanse taalschool taalcursussen in Italië Escola de italiano em Italia Jazyková škola a italiaská kultura szkoła języka włoskiego i kultury włoskiej az olasz nyelv és kultúra iskolája Школа итальянского в Италии – курсы итальянского для иностранцев.


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Before enrolling please, read attentively the
General Conditions of Partecipation

   General Conditions of Participation

1. Conclusion of the contract: Please send the application form with the signed General Conditions of Participation by fax or by post to the school. Application must be received by the school at least 15/20 days before the starting dates of courses. The confirmation will be sent to you by post, fax or e-mail.
2. Payments and documents: The following is required for enrolment: - fill out the attached enrollment form, read attentively and sign the General Conditions of Participation; - enclose the receipt for the payment of the course + enrollment fee + 30% of the ACCOMMODATION.  Payment can be made through: - International postal order (by the post office), made payable to Scuola Porta d'Oriente - Via Antonio Primaldo 70 - 73028 Otranto, Italy;  - Bank transfer; - International cheque or Bank cheque (only issued by your bank);  by Credit Card We have to charge you for the whole bank costs. As soon as we receive the payment we will be able to send you a confirmation (by e-mail, fax or letter) for the course.
3. Services: The contractual services provided appear in the brochure on the web-site and in the price list. Collateral agreements must be confirmed in writing.
4. Cancellations: Cancellations must be sent to the school centre by registered letter, telegramme, fax or e-mail. If a cancellation is made about 30 days before the beginning of the course the 50% of the course will be retained. If a cancellation is made after the 30 days before the beginning of the course or after the course has been started (even the first day), the full course fees are forfeited, i.e. no refunds will be possible. It can be used for future enrollments within one year. Courses begin only on the published dates. There can be no refund for students who begin a course late or leave before completion of the course or miss lessons. The missed lessons cannot be recovered.
5. Lessons: Lessons are held from Monday to Friday and can take place either in the morning or in the afternoon. Lessons are not held (not refunded and not recovered) on national and local public holidays. One lesson is 50 minutes.
If there should be only one participants for a certain course/level, the tuition cost will be converted to 1,30 h of one-to-one tuition. In the event that there will be  only 2 or 3 students for a particular level, the number of hours will be reduced by 1 hour per day. The number of course hours include the initial test that is obligatory. Should a student be unable to attend a course, he or she cannot transfer the payment both for the course and ACCOMMODATION to another student.
First day at school: We will be expecting you at school at ca. 8:30/9.00 am. If you are absolute beginner you will attend your first lesson. All other students take a written and oral  test which enables us to find the appropriate level. After the test, some teachers will describe programs, the school organization and will give you some useful information about the area. After the test the class lists and timetables will be communicated. If you have any questions about the level assigned, you should contact our course director immediately.
6. Accommodation: Accommodation is available from the Sunday evening before the beginning of the course to Saturday morning after the course up to 9,00. Different arrival or departure days must be confirmed to the school. The school is only an intermediary between students and landlords and cannot be directly responsible for the relations between them. However, you will be assisted by a member of our staff in case of problems. Please inform the school (by phone, fax or email), at least four days before your arrival, of your estimated time of arrival. If you arrive a day earlier, or if you want to stay a day longer, get in touch with the school. Bed-linens are provided, but you need to bring your own towels. The rest of the ACCOMMODATION fee must be paid at your arrival or at the first day of school. Students must pay the reserved period by the enrollment form or by e-mail even if the arrive 1 or more days after. The money paid for ACCOMMODATION is not refundable in case of cancellation or in case you leave the house before the reserved period. Each student will be required to pay a forfeiture deposit of 100 euros that will be refundable on the day of their departure. It must be understood that this deposit will not be refunded to those students who cause problems or ignore the Residential Rules posted in every apartment. Some specific examples of problems are listed below: - damage to furniture, fittings or objects within apartments. - extra cleaning, such as dirty dishes or rubbish left in apartments. - late departures that delay the scheduled cleaning of the rooms for subsequent guests. - when students reserving a single room attempt to lodge additional persons in the room without prior authorisation from the school. - when students attempt physical alterations in the rooms without prior authorisation from the school. Please note : the school is not obliged to inform students of the impending arrival of other students in apartments that are designated for shared accommodation.
7. Transfer: We also provide a personal transfer service from the airport of Brindisi and the train station of Lecce to your accommodation. If you would like the school to arrange a transfer, please send us your arrival information (date and time of arrival and flight or train number) with the enrolment form. Please, confirm your arrival almost one day before by calling the school or e-mailing. Contact the school in case of delays. Staff will be available to transport students from the school to their apartments before 9pm each evening. After 9pm this transportation must be reserved in advance, for which a fee will be payable.
8. Insurance: Participants are not insured against illness, accidents, theft or loss of personal possessions, either by the schools or by those offering the accommodation. Citizens from European Union countries are entitled to free medical care in Italy if they hold an E111 form which can be obtained from their local health authority in their home country before departing for Italy.
9. Visa: U.S.A and European citizens do not require a visa to enter Italy. Citizens of other countries should contact their nearest Italian Embassy or Consulate to check the details regarding entry permits. Our Certificate of enrolment fulfills one of the requirements to obtain a visa. This certificate can only be issued by our school centres after the whole course fee has been paid.
10. Personal data: The participant authorizes the Scuola Porta d'Oriente to include her/his personal data on a mailing list. The participant may also periodically receive informative, publicity or promotional material.
11. Changing in course programmes and prices: The schools reserve the right to modify their course programs and prices.
12. Expulsion: the school Porta d'Oriente reserves the right to dismiss any student whose  conduct is unsatisfactory at the discretion of the person in charge for the courses once asked the teachers.
13. Any disputes or disagreements about the interpretation and the application of this contract will be settled in Lecce's Tribunal Court according to the Italian laws.
14. Acceptance: By signing or by sending the registration form or any other written form of registration, the participant understands and accepts the "General Conditions of Participation". To have more useful information about your stay here and to avoid misunderstandings, we strongly recommend to our students to read the Vademecum;


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Intensive-plus course
Two-to-one tuition
The Italian of business
The italian for law
The Italian of medicine and science
The Italian of art and archeology
Stages for Italian teachers
The Italian literature
Preparation CILS examination
Preparation CELI examination
Special course for children
Italian for theologians
Italian cooking, wines and gastronomy
Course about Italian cinema
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In force of the law N° 675/96 on the privacy, I authorize school Porta d'Oriente to treat my personal data
By signing or by sending this registration form, the participant understands and accepts the "General Conditions of Participation"

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